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Our capital raising deal flow or process is as follows:



Pre-Deal Screening & Investor Readiness

This includes deal sourcing, screening and investor readiness support by Brighton and Walton to make sure client meets the investment criteria of our investors.

This is when we can inform the client of whether the transaction or project is bankable or not, with detail reasons or explanations to the client.


Transaction Structuring & Support

We always advise clients to leverage on our expertise in structuring their transactions because of our extensive experience in corporate finance.

Brighton and Walton offers capital structure optimization advise to clients coupled with the best investment options at low cost.


Post Due Diligence Preparation



Brighton and Walton adequately prepares and assists clients before the due diligence process by getting all documents intact. The typical due diligence process cuts across financial, tax, commercial and legal due diligence.

Preparation of Investment Documents


We professionally prepare investment materials for clients in a manner that fits the investment criteria of the investors because they are well known to us and we know what they want. These investment documents include Information Memorandum, Investment Teasers, Pitch Decks, Business Plan and Financial Models.

Investor Relations and Introduction


After we have done all of the above, we officially introduce the promoter and other key members of clients to the investors for discussions.

We then set up a data room to make the transaction flow smoothly from commencement to financial close.

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