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Interim Management Advisory Services

When companies need skilled, experienced leadership to pursue planned or unexpected opportunities, contend with executive turnover or drive strategic transactions, Brighton and Walton interim executives guide the process and ensure stability through periods of transition. Our interim executives bring deep leadership, financial management and operating experience, and the highest levels of functional and industry expertise to reinforce clients‟ executive teams in that critical moment. Our Interim Management Services are as follows:


Transitional Management

Interim Executive Services, Business Management Services, Financial Management Services, Management of major initiatives and projects.


Interim Executive Services

Our seasoned executives serve in leadership, financial management, operations and functional management roles. These roles include interim Chief Executive Officers, Chief Finance Officers, Chief Operating Officers, General Managers, Chief Investment Officers, Legal Officers, etc. and our team come from a broad range of industries and backgrounds.


Business Management Services

At Brighton and Walton, we lead businesses in preparation for, execution of, and transition from mergers and acquisitions, changes of control and other key changes. We manage the business to improve operations, enhance value and realize its potential.


Financial Management Services

Our financial executives serve as Chief Finance Officers (CFOs) and in other key financial roles to upgrade internal and external reporting, tighten controls, improve decision-support and enhance internal and external credibility.


Re-organization Management

When companies and their stakeholders need their industry’s most experienced and most trusted leader to guide financial or operational restructurings, negotiate distressed Mergers and Acquisitions(M&A) transactions or manage liquidity or solvency crises, Brighton and Walton Turnaround and Insolvency Management executives lead, support and implement required changes rapidly.

We apply our turnaround skills, our restructuring expertise and the highest levels of industry and functional experience to lead through crisis, preserve and enhance value, optimize financial resources and develop options for corporate recovery and renewal.

We are accustomed to managing through crises and making tough decisions in difficult situations. Our executives access and deliver the global array of Brighton and Walton offerings and capabilities as needed. Our Turnaround Management Services are as follows:


Financial Restructuring Advisory role

Our interim Chief Executive Officers, Chief Finance Officers, etc. lead the businesses and work with stakeholders to achieve an optimum capital structure suited to the company’s business/strategic plan and risk profile.


Liquidity / Solvency Management

Our financial, treasury and vendor management executives improve visibility into liquidity and we design and direct initiatives to optimize resources and lengthen a company’s financial runway.


Operational Restructuring or Re-organization

Our experienced operational and financial executives develop and drive profitability improvement, cost reduction, business re-positioning and revenue optimization initiatives for a troubling business. Our team come from a range of sectors and backgrounds.

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