FirstBanC Asset Management

About us

FirstBanC Asset Management department brings together prudent portfolio management skills to deliver comprehensive investment management solutions to clients. We manage investment products that seek to achieve the risk-adjusted return expectations of clients.

The department is made up of staff with high-level and relevant academic and professional qualifications with complementary investment management experiences in various asset classes.

By using investment strategies that align with the risk profiles and return expectations of each product’s underlying clients, we have successfully formed a network of delighted clients that channel significant repeat and referral businesses to us.


The two main classes of products currently on offer are mutual funds and customized fund management, for both individuals and institutions. We manage two funds under the mutual funds class and three sub-products under the customized fund management class.

  • First Fund: this is a money market mutual fund targeted at clients with short term horizon and high considerations for liquidity, regular income, stable growth and diversification. The fund is wholly invested in liquid and high-yielding money market securities. Furthermore, the competitive return on the fund relative to return on savings accounts and treasury securities makes this fund offer an alternative in meeting the short to medium term needs of clients.
  • Heritage Fund: this is an equity mutual fund targeted at clients with long term horizon and high considerations for long term source of income, aggressive growth and diversification. The fund has a general asset allocation of 70% equity and 30% fixed income, cash and cash equivalents. For clients with investment horizons spanning many years, this fund helps in leveraging on the long run growth potential of the stock market in wealth creation.
  • Customized fund management: this product is designed to offer a full range of discretionary and customized investment management services to high-net-worth clients who wish to maximise their access to a flexible, personal service by a fund manager. The three sub-products under the customized fund management product class are First Institutional Account (FIA), Private Wealth (Pwealth) and First Plus (FPlus). The Investment objectives and expectations of clients are communicated to the fund manager through an Investment Policy Statement and Investment Management Agreement. These serve as the basis for periodically assessing the performance of the fund manager in fulfilling the investment mandates of clients.

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