• FirstBanC Brokerage Services Ltd is a registered brokerage firm in Ghana. The company helps institutional investors, asset managers, and broker dealers optimize eficiency while mitigating risk.
  • Our brokerage team provides high-quality investment and trade execution services to both institutional and high-net-worth investors. Additionally, the team exercises prudent judgment and provides unparalleled service to ensure that our clients are secure in their financial future
  • FirstBanc's brokerage professionals are highly responsive and seek to inform our clients of short-term market changes, as well as trends in the industry. As part of an integrated platform strategy, they work closely with our research team, through regular and frequent interaction to bring unique short-term and long-term investment opportunities to our retail and institutional investor client base.
  • Currently the company's clientele base is distributed among institutional and retail clients in the proportion of 7% and 93% respectively, even though the value of trades is in the proportion 70% Institutional and 30% retail.
  • The corporate goal is to offer superior brokerage services locally and thereafter extend these services to Africa and other parts of the world within a reasonable timeframe to serve our clients better.



Frequently Asked Quetions

An ordinary share represents equity ownership in a company and entitles the owner to a vote in matters put before shareholders in proportion to their percentage ownership in the company.
The benefits of investing in shares include dividends and capital gains. Dividends are the distribution of a portion of a company's earnings, decided by the board of directors, to its shareholders. The dividend is most often quoted in terms of the Cedi amount each share receives (dividends per share). It can also be quoted in terms of a percent of the current market price, referred to as dividend yield. Capital gains are an increase in the value of a capital asset (investment or real estate) that gives it a higher worth than the purchase price. The gain is not realized until the asset is sold. A capital gain may be short term (one year or less) or long term (more than one year). A capital loss is incurred when there is a decrease in the capital asset value compared to an asset's purchase price.
The potential client will have to fill out a couple of forms which can be downloaded from our website. The client must attach a copy of the passport page containing his/ her details, or a valid national I.D and attach a passport sized photograph. These can be scanned and emailed for early setup of the account. The original forms must be sent by regular mail.
FirstBanC does not require a minimum cash amount to open a securities account. In fact the account is opened free of charge and is only funded when the investor has decided on the securities and the volumes s/he wants. The requirements to open the account are; a passport picture, proof of identity (in this case a copy of the page of your passport bearing your details) and fill out a couple of forms and the account will be opened. We however have two securities products that require minimum cash amount to open. The Wealth Builder Account requires a minimum of ¢1,000.00 (US$600.00) to open and regular monthly investments of minimum ¢200.00 (US$ 120.00). The aim of this account is to help investors grow wealth through regular investments. FirstBanC Analysts will recommend well researched securities to the investor for consideration for their portfolios. The Platinum Account is a discretionary account requiring a minimum of ¢30,000.00 (US$18,000.00). This is a managed account that attracts a management fee of 1% per annum on assets under management aside the transactional costs which will not exceed 2.5% per executed trade.
Yes we have facilities to provide nominee account services to our clients.
Executed trades attract transactional fees of 2.5% of the value of the transaction. This fee includes charges paid on trade by trade basis to the Ghana Stock Exchange, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Ghana Securities Depository and Broker fees. We do not charge maintenance fees.
Yes you submit your orders via email. Orders may even be submitted via phone calls or text message but such orders must be confirmed by email before the orders will be executed.
We have a very strong research department which carries out company research, equity research and economic research for and behalf of our clients. We have daily and weekly research snapshots on the economy and equities which our clients can subscribe to.
We do not do that currently, but we have firms we can use to execute your transactions in those countries In all cases you can decide to deal directly with FirstBanC or through a Custodian of your choice. We can recommend some custodians should you desire to use custodial services. The custodians also charge fees for the services provided which may increase your overall transaction costs.

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